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iPhone XR finally disappointed analysts

iPhone XR finally disappointed analysts Already two months after the start of sales, we can conclude: “iPhone Xr could not.” The buyer was not satisfied with the starting price of 750 and sales of the smartphone, which could become a bestseller, failed.

And at the same time pulled the iPhone Xs with the iPhone Xs Max.

Analyst Min-Chi Kuo again revised its forecast for sales of new iPhones. He reduced the numbers by 20% to 38 – 42 million units. Exactly so much Apple will be able to sell in the first quarter of 2019.

We are forced to again reduce the expected performance. Demand is much lower than we thought.

It is unlikely that Apple will sell more than 15 – 20 million iPhone Xr. Negatively affected and reduced supply of iPhone Xs. 42 million is the maximum of smartphones that the company can sell in a quarter.

The analyst is sure that Apple will sell 10% fewer iPhones in 2019 than a year before. And this is a significant decrease from 210 to 188 million units.
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