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iPhone XRs sold better than Xs. Now officially

iPhone XRs sold better than Xs. Now officially In percentage terms, the overall picture looks like this:

  • iPhone X – 11.71%
  • iPhone 8 Plus – 10.11%
  • iPhone 8 – 9.81 %
  • iPhone Xs Max – 3.65%
  • iPhone Xr – 3.02%
  • iPhone Xs – 2.89%

Judging by the published schedule, iPhone Xr was especially actively bought on Christmas holidays. In two weeks, the number of smartphones sold increased from 2.24% to 3.02%.

Interest in the iPhone Xs, by contrast, fell 0.36%.

A Mixpanel report confirms Tim Cook’s words. The other day, CEO of Apple refuted the assumption that the iPhone Xr is absolutely uninteresting to customers. [9to5]

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