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Apple cut iPhone production by another 10%

Apple cut iPhone production by another 10% Nikkei announced a slowdown in production of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr. According to the company, in the next three months the number of iPhones will be reduced by 10%.

Initially, Apple did not plan such a decrease. Between January and March, the company planned to release about 47 – 48 million iPhones.

But due to low demand, the numbers were revised. In the next three months, no more than 40 million devices will roll off the assembly lines.

Like Apple, Nikkei calls the situation in China the main reason for the decline in production. Falling currency in the country and competition from manufacturers are forcing Chinese buyers to look less toward iPhone.

Earlier, several analysts reported a forced slowdown in iPhone Xs Max production by almost 50%. [9to5]

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