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iPhone XR sells even worse than iPhone 8

iPhone XR sells even worse than iPhone 8 Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, an analytical agency, has published sales results for iPhone XR, Xs and Xs Max. It’s not as cool as we would like.

CIRP was polled by 165 iPhone owners who bought their smartphones within 30 days after the start of sales of the iPhone XR. It turned out that 82% of them already owned iPhones, and 16% owned Android devices.

According to analysts, only 32% of respondents were interested in ten eras. 35% acquired iPhone Xs or Xs Max. While iPhone 8/8 Plus last year was bought by 39% of users.

Experts are sure that the iPhone XR was created to lure owners of Android devices. And while Apple copes with this task. [9to5]

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