Review of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We already played enough

Review of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We already played enough All these creatures need to leave the Muggle world

The game should pull you out of the house.

Like in Pokemon Go, almost all the activity in it takes place outdoors. And from one object on the map to another you need to move around the real world, not the virtual one.

Unlike the previous game, the objects in this one are not tied to the natural conditions of a given area, but to specific buildings, monuments, memorials boards and other “sights.”

Most likely, the students, namely they are the target audience, using the game try to show exactly what they had not seen before – the same memorial plaques in memory of famous people.

Review of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We already played enough
The process of potions and relic collecting

When we play worked, I immediately jumped into the car and went to study objects that are scattered on the map.

She immediately warned me that the wheel can not take it for sure. I clicked that I was sitting in the passenger seat, and flew away.

I found several different objects on the map: in some you can replenish the supply of magical powers, in others you can fight the rest of the wizards, and in the third just beat something or someone magical.

By the way, there are a lot of points of the last type on the map.

Review of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We already played enough
I’m in the hat and the chests I’m trying to open

It turns out that a catastrophe occurred in the universe of this game. Magical objects and creatures entered the world of Muggles. You are taken by one of the volunteers to get them out of here – these events take place after the Harry Potter films.

When you deal with this, you can level up, make potions and do everything that is told films.

It is curious that for many tasks in the game, you need to move actively. For example, I found chests to open which you need to walk 2-5 kilometers.

The game motivates you to walk, and this is true for children who are more used to sitting still today.

How install Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on iPhone

To install the game, you need the American App Store.

It will have to be registered without payment means, because it still won’t accept our cards.

Review of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We already played enough
Start creating an American Apple ID

Nothing complicated:

❶ First you need to exit your Apple ID in Settings.

Go to the menu at otnoy recording and click on the “Exit” button. Agree on everything that iOS offers.

❷ Then go to the App Store on the coveted link to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

приложений The app store swears that you need to go to the American branch. Agree.

❹ Try to download the game again.

App Store will offer to use your existing Apple ID account or create a new one. Need a new one.

❺ Enter all the information that the application store will ask for.

Review of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We already played enough
Suitable US address

In the payment field, select None. I repeat, local maps for the US App Store will not work.

Suitable US info:

  • Street: Plaza blvr
  • City: Orlando
  • State: Florida
  • Zip Code: 32830

br / ❻ In addition, you also need a work phone number without binding Apple ID – you can Russian or any other country.

When you confirm the phone number and email address, you can try downloading Harry Potter: Wizards Unite again – here is the link.

Did it work out? Cool!

By the way, when you put the game, you can exit the American account and go into your own. It will work fine, but will not be able to update without Apple ID USA.

Why I don’t plan to go Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Review of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We already played enough
The game can be stuck, just like Hagrid from her very start

To be honest, there is no time, but the game requires it.

There is no specific goal in it. This is a magical world with elements of augmented reality, in which you need to practically live.

Every day you will find new objects, become stronger and stronger, try spells and make new friends. And you can do all this for real years.

At the same time, you can donate in order to get something faster than others. For example, energy is spent on each spell. You can replenish it both with the help of expectations, and for real money.

I think a couple of hours with the game I personally was enough. Interest disappeared fast enough.

Here’s a game trailer, check out:

Instead of concluding: what do

br think about the game today ▪️ In Game Informer, the game is scolded for a large number of built-in purchases.

This is especially bad, given that it will be most children who spend it.

▪️ They say in The Verge that the game is very hard to figure out. Too many features and it’s not entirely clear why they are all needed.

Everything is too complicated and confusing.

▪️ Polygon calls the game the next industry step.

В editions emphasize that even the world around influences the action in the game: for example, werewolves in it appear only in the full moon.

But for me the next step in the development of games will be Apple Arcade with premium projects without built-in purchases and it is useless time spent. I hope the service doesn’t fail.

Have you tried Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Tell!

Download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (free + purchases)

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