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Activity Monitor running too many processes, how to clean up tasks

I'm currently having issues with my mid-2012 retina MacBookPro 15 inch (16gb of RAM with 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 running macOS 10.14.6) 

It seems like the system is struggling, it runs hot often, crashes frequently, and becomes laggy. It often lags when doing simple web browsing and other things that are not intensive. I opened up the activity monitor and nothing is using significant ram or cpu power but there are a lot of processes that collectively add up to a significant amount of usage.  I feel like my system is cluttered with running tasks that it is not supposed to be running. I’m wondering if there are processes I can quit or something I can do to clean up the system. Over the years installing various programs and deleting them, I think files are left behind and other reminisces could be causing issues.

If I reinstall the os from a back up will Il being able to clean up the system, or will whatever is causing problems follow along in my time machine? If I have to go with a fresh install I understand I will lose a lot of information, but I’m not sure what I’d lose or what wouldn’t transfer with iCloud, though I would rather keep as much information as possible. I feel like my computer is powerful enough but something has slowed it down that I think could be fixed.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

I have a screen cap of when I just restarted my computer and there are many process and tasks under the cpu, and there are many more under the screen captures.Activity Monitor running too many processes, how to clean up tasksActivity Monitor running too many processes, how to clean up tasks

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