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Error message on iTunes Connect, but no refresh option

I have been running a podcast for a few months now on behalf of a church. (

The church has just changed their name. I updated all of the information on feedburner yesterday to reflect the new URL, image, etc.. Everything seemed to be fine until I edited the feed address. Almost as soon as I did this, I knew I shouldn't have. I logged into iTunes Connect and tried to edit the feed address there to match. It seemed to save, but I logged back on a couple of hours later to check everything and three things were apparent:

  • The updated feed address hadn't saved in iTunes Connect
  • The podcast now shows an error
  • There is no refresh button

Since the iTunes Connect showed the old feed address and wasn't saving the changes I made, it only made sense to revert back to the old feed address in feedburner. I made that change in feedburner so that both feeds matched again. HOWEVER, I can't refresh iTunes. It remains showing an error, and though I have updated feedburner, I can't refresh to try to force iTunes connect to see the new change. The only two choices I'm getting on iTunes Connect are: delete podcast & view on Apple Podcasts.

Please help!

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