MainStage 3

HEEEELP MainStage Auto Sampler Sounds ***** !!! ???

Hi all

May I get some advice

I have been sampling since the birth of sampling, I worked with the very early Fairlight CMI in 1980, then I had a S900, S950 then a S1000…….ohhhh steady

The whole purpose of sampling is that that sampled sound sounds the same as the original !!

So recently I have been sampling various old Roland synths and some Soft Synths all done in MainStage

Sadly the result is just sooooooooooooo poor, the sampled sounds are so thin and tiny compared to the source sound *** is going on ?????

Maybe I am dong something wrong but any help most welcomed HEEEELP MainStage Auto Sampler Sounds ***** !!! ???

Oh and the MainStage Auto Sampler setting is "Every semitone, and 12 Velocity levels, but still crap, thin, harsh sound sampled????)

Many thanks

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