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FCS 2 and Compressor 3.03-how to maintain Portrait Aspect Ratio converting mp4 to APR422?

Aaackkkkk! Having to retype this whole thing for a second time now….extreeemeley frustrated.

My circa 2006 MacBook Pro is still running very well with OS X 10.5.8 because I refused to do any Apple updates since 2009 so that Apple couldn't effectively brick my machine. So while it still runs very well as a dedicated video editing station it does not good for much else lol.

Okay onto the problem: I am working on a new video in Final Cut Studio 2 and was able to successfully import several clips shot at 1080x1920p in portrait using my Android camera phone and convert them from MP4 to apple prores 422 while maintaining portrait aspect ratio except for one clip.

For some reason THIS clip alone even though it previews correctly QuickTime file viewer and has same source settings as other clips, is stretched by compressor to 1920 x 1080 P which of course is unusable in my sequence. It cant be corrupt file because it previews at correct AR in QT file viewer and in Compressor thumbnail. But, I cant get this file to convert without ugly stretvhing and cannot import it directly into FCS. I have searched for hours how to force Compressor to convert at 1080×1920 to no avail. Pleeeeease help me understand. I really want to be able to use this footage.

Thank you kindly!


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