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10.4.7 Inspector Info tab displays wrong information

I import multiple clips from several cameras into the default Event in a new Library. In the Browser I select all of the clips from Camera 1, and in the Info tab of Inspector I enter data into several fields including Notes, Reel, Camera Angle, and Camera Name…values that are identical for all clips from Cam1.

Then, in the Browser I select all clips from Cam2. For the fields that I entered for Cam1's clips, Inspector now shows "Multiple Values." I discover that for the first clip of Cam2 Inspector shows the values that I entered for Cam1's clips, while the remaining clips of Cam2 have no values in these fields.

With all of Cam2's clips still selected, I enter the correct value for these clips. I then select all of Cam1's clips in the Browser and discover that Inspector now shows "Multiple Values" for these clips! The first of Cam1's clips now displays the values that I entered for Cam2's clips while the other Cam1 clips show the values that I entered for them.

The problem repeats with clips from Cam3 and Cam4. I cannot tell if FCPX is storing the data itself incorrectly in the Library, or if Inspector is displaying information for clips other than the ones that I have selected in the Browser, or perhaps both.

Any suggestions, please? Thanks!

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