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Final Cut Pro X Voiceover Issue

I have a new Mac Mini, with the latest version of FCPX installed. I have a Sudotack Professional USB microphone, which the system recognizes as a USB Microphone. I am unable to record a voiceover. When I call up the voiceover option, my voice is recognized within the recording component, but when I do the countdown and start recording, no voice is recorded. It appears that the voiceover is working, but when I complete the recording only a blank, gray box appears where the recording should be.

I have checked my security settings and Final Cut Pro X is selected. I have moved the microphone from a USB 3.0 hub and connected it directly to the computer. I've tried both USB 3 ports on the Mac Mini and restarted my computer and the software several times, but I have not gotten it to work. I tried using iMovie and the voiceover functionality works perfectly. I have a month wrapped up in this project and would hate to start from scratch in iMovie. Any help you could provide would be welcome.


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