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HEVC encoding using only little of the power resources


I am wondering why the HEVC encoding in Compressor uses only little of the available power resources?

I have an 2019 iMac with an i9 CPU and Vega48 GPU. When I open the Acitivity Monitor, it seems that there is almost nothing happening. iStat menu shows 8-12% of CPU usage and the GPU also runs very low. It is pleasant that there are no fans making noise but I'm wondering why does it use so little of the resources? This makes me think it may be possible to speed up the encoding significantly.

If anybody wants to ask about the speed of the destination drive, it is an SSD and for HEVC bitrates in 4K even an spinning HDD would be fast more than enough.

By the way, I can see some imporvement in encoding speeds with the latest updates to FCPX/Compressor when encoding to H.264, but with H.265 it seems that nothing has changed.

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