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Kernel Panic when using Compressor and 2019 LG Ultrafine 4K on 2017 MacBook Pro

I'm using a 2017 15" MacBook Pro with the new 23.7" LG Ultrafine 4K Thunderbolt Display. So far I've really loved it for the most part, aside from a few bugs here and there.

One issue I'm noticing is that the system will almost certainly kernel panic when I submit a job to compressor when connected to the LG display. It will go along processing everything normally, and then usually about a minute or two in the entire system will crash. This seems to happen with or without "enable additional compressor instances" checked in compressor preferences.

I haven't had any issues when exporting from other apps such as FCP X, After Effects etc. while connected to the external display, and Compressor will work as expected if I disconnect the MBP from the LG display.

Anyone else experienced this issue?

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