Post-crash, some files appear to be in com.apple.bird/session – how to fix?

Presumably in the wake of a crash (I had one last week when I accidentally unplugged the peripheral iomega drive that has the Aperture Library on it), there's been a proliferation of yellow triangles. (Most annoying, as I recently did a LOT of reorganising, and eradicated most of the yellow triangles, a month or so ago – now I have loads of new ones!

And this time, when I try to 'Locate Referenced Files', they have a weird address:

Users/helen/Library/Caches/com.apple.bird/session/g/ (followed by lots of numbers which appear to have replaced the original file name)

Apparently 'bird' is something to do with the iCloud. Which is odd, as the iomega peripheral drive is not backed up to the cloud, so far as I know.

Anyone come across this? I've repaired permissions and I've repaired the database, but neither has solved the problem. Is rebuilding the database likely to?

I've mended quite a lot manually, by finding the original files (thank god I'd done all that organising so I can find most of them, even though my RAID drive, where they live, is not indexed – so I have to find them myself – yeah, I know, I need to sort that out…

But I keep finding more yellow triangles, so I could spend many, many hours on this. I'm hoping that rebuilding the database might do it, but I'm scared to try.

Oh, and another point – the images are not corrupted, and the size in Kb and MP is not corrupted, but some of the dates/times are (talking about the info under the thumbnail, right-hand panel in the screen grab). I'm still on Sierra on that MacBook, by the way.

Does anyone have any light to shed on it?



Post-crash, some files appear to be in com.apple.bird/session - how to fix?

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