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Podcast can't subscribe in iTunes and episodes missing in other platforms

Hi! I have been running a podcast for about a year and it is hosted on my WordPress site, I recently uploaded three new episodes and they are showing up in iTunes but not Spotify or Google. Also, for some reason I can now no longer subscribe to my own podcast in iTunes. I get this error message "Unable to Subscribe. Podcast cannot be added because the server or feed cannot be found." When WordPress checked the feed they said it is fine. Spotify, which is still showing all but the last 3 episodes, "We've found we were unable to open the image files attached in your RSS feed. We'd recommend re-hosting your images on a different page and adding the new links to your feed and saving under a slightly different name." I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, so I deleted the images with the three posts and saved them with a new name and they still aren't showing up. So two different issues Apple I can't subscribe but see episodes and Spotify and Google I can subscribe but can't see recent episodes. Any input would be appreciated!



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