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Issues with still Images flickering in Apple Motion 5

Hello Community!

I'm trying to import photos into an already built apple motion template that I purchases on Video Hive. So as far as this template goes, you simply add your logo and text, however, when I do there is LOTS of flickering to the image and to the text, and it looks like the image is super hot and letting off heat, that kind of effect. this is the old issue we used to have in FCP 5-7 years ago when you were trying to make images move.

I've tried importing as: Tiff, Jpeg, .psd and .png, all with the same issue. I tried adding a little gausian blur that did not help. I added a deineterlace, that did not help. It looks fine in Motion, then I export a file and there is the flickering. The photo is the logo and it camera dollies in and swings back and forth, that's when the flickering happens. I'm hoping someone can help me figure out this issue, I'm trying to deliver to a client and now have to wait to get this issue fixed. I keep trying to add an image but keeps error message that over the character limit, IDK ***!?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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