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garritan instant orchestra multitimbral routing in mainstage

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to play Garritan Instant/Personal Orchestra with MainStage 3, using a Roland RD800 controller. While addressing with 4 different midi zones (and channels) the Garritan Aria Player in standalone mode works fine, when applying the same configuration in MainStage I only succeed in addressing a single midi channel: I have set up the mixer channel strip in multi-timbral mode and assigned the 4 channels corresponding to the different instruments in the Garritan patch but no way. MainStage seems to receive correctly the midi messages on the different channels but only routes them to a single channel in Aria Player (the first one).

Any suggestion?

I'm enclosing a screenshot of the setup for better explanation.

Many thanks in advance and sorry for bad English…


garritan instant orchestra multitimbral routing in mainstage

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