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Midi problems; Trying to set up two midi controller keyboards with Mainstage 3 via Clarett 2Pre USB

I am a keyboard player in a cover band and I am trying to set up Mainstage so that I can use two keyboards for live gigs.

My setup:

I have a 88-key Alesis QS8.1 (it has Midi in, out, and thru). My other keyboard is a 61 key Alesis QS6.2 (also has midi in, out, and thru). I would like to be able to control these keyboards independently/change sounds within Mainstage (upper one (6.2) for organs, synths; lower one (8.1) for pianos, etc.) I have a newer macbook pro and use a Clarett 2Pre USB as my interface (the Clarett has Midi in/out)

I am able to use the Alesis 8.1 without a problem as a single keyboard (Midi Out (from Alesis qs8.1) to Midi In (on Clarett 2Pre). When I try to add the second keyboard, i am running into problems.

I have tried a few different ways to connect the second keyboard. I tried to do a "daisy chain." Alesis QS8.1 "Midi out" to "Midi in" on Clarett 2Pre USB. "Midi thru" on 8.1 to "Midi in" on the smaller keyboard but this doesn't seem to be working at all (no keys move on the second keyboard, nothing is registering)

Any thoughts? I feel like this would work if the Clarett had two separate "midi in" ports.


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