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Loopback loses imported loops randomly


I'm using the latest MainStage version on 10.14.5 on a late 2013 13" MBP Retina.

Maybe someone has a Fix for that:

I'm working with prerecorded Loops, mainly Drums and Backing Vocals.

I have a Channel for each Looper set up.

My Workflow is: Hammer away on my Acoustic, Record a Loop, if it's Ok, I Export it.

than I re-import it, Save the Concert.

Problem: Randomly but regularly the Looper lose some or all Loops

(YES, I DO have my Loopers set to On Patch Selection Do Nothing!)

Sometimes it even plays a loop from a different Patch.


I had all Files stored to a Folder on the desktop.

I built a new concert from scratch!

And than moved all Files to Library/Music/Logic…

Imported, had the same problems.

Open, Import, Save, close

Test, get mad, do it again.

And then:

All of a sudden no files disappeared anymore. Okay????….

Until Yesterday.

Only difference: I stored new Files in the Logos Folder (for a DIFFERENT Concert)

I really would appreciate Help, because I need a reliable Setup for my Live Gigs.

At the moment I feel like using bad Beta-State Software…


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