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Impulse reponse utility not recording

Using my MOTU 828x interface, the Impulse Response Utility is apparently not getting input signal from my mic preamp.

I'm using the same signal chain as when I record guitar cabs in DP 9, and tested it with a DP project.

In IR utility, the mono track is armed, with TOSLINK 2 as source, just like my path that worked with DP.

The sweep tone is coming out Analog 1 to my power amp and speaker that I'm wanting to capture, and that works.

Enabling the red Record button un-grays the Sweep button, and it does the 10 sec. sweep, but no file is recorded.

The monitor VU meter stays at minimum, and the outputs available do not look like anything available on the 828x. They are labelled 1-2, 3-4, etc. instead of the 828x in/out names that are visible in the sweep out and input boxes.

I'd really like to get this working, as it's the main reason I bought Logic Pro X.

Thanks, anybody.


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