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Logic Pro X short film scoring workflow (file management/automation issues)

Hi everyone,

So I am working on a short (about 15mins) film. I am still new at this and trying to find a good workflow to score it. I started out by just making one session on Logic with everything on it and did a lot of save as in case I needed to go back to previous version. I started working on each cues by order of importance but later encountered a problem when using a lot of tempo changes with earlier cues in the film, my volume and effects automation was not lock to the SMPTE time code and was all over the place on all the other cues. Because I did not realise this soon some cues are really hard to fix now because of the automation. So I had to rework them in previous save of the session. Now my workflow is quite messy and I am working in-between 3 different Logic sessions of the same project, with the cues I could save.

Is there any way to save this? Can I bring some regions (with automation) of old sessions and gather them into one? I have the same tracks on each session but need some updated regions with the right automation to go in some cues into one session. I’m not very familiar with Logic’s file management so I’m not sure if that’s possible.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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