Logic Pro X

15inch macbook pro or 2019 imac for music production

Hello Everyone !

Reaching out to all experts here – This is more of a buyer's guide type of question but since it's directly related to logic pro x performance, i thought it was best to ask it here. So here's what it is :

  • I'm caught up between a top of the line MacBook pro or the iMac for my home studio set up
  • You can't customise your mac in India so the best i can get is a 15'', i9, 16GB mac – no option for 32 GB
  • I plan to run my plug-ins and Kontakt libraries via an SSD and have an external monitor i can plug as well
  • My plans of moving out of the country is why i didn't pick up an iMac already

I'm wondering if there are users who're using a macbook pro as their primary machine set and if there are any issues / limitations as such i will encounter. Considering these things cost a fortune in India, this is more of a long term investment for me so if need-be, i'm still willing to choose an iMac over a MacBook pro. Not to mention, once bought, i'll have to live with the choice i make for a long long time.

Much thanks in advance – Cheers !

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