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FCP 7 white background issues

For some reason, my white background is not showing 100% intensity once it is placed on the timeline. Although I have checked the scopes to see the intesity it is outputing 100%, but why does it do this in the timeline? In the viewer it comes up full intensity when I start out to add it, but once it is placed on the timeline it turns it gray. I have attached a image to see the difference between the preview monitor (before the white background is placed on the timeline) and the canvas monitor (after it is placed on the timeline). When I double click the timeline background to bring it back to the viewer monitor, it changes the viewer to the same gray color as seen in the second image. Any idea what is going on and/or how to fix it? There is obviously a difference in the intesity as seen in the first image.

FCP 7 white background issuesFCP 7 white background issues

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