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Errors when uploading to Amazon Video Direct: VBR vs CBR, FrameRate etc…


I've been trying to upload a Video in ProRes 422 HQ codec to Amazon's Video Direct.

I get the following errors from Amazon (given at the end of this message).

(a) I had specified the Frame Rate as a 24. Yet I get item (1) error below.

(b) I don't see how I could have gotten 2 video tracks.

(c) My video sound levels look good in FCX. So, what might be causing this problem?

(d) I don't see the ability to specify CBR (instead of VBR).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,


===== Errors Reported by Amazon =======

1.) For file provided, the video frame rate is 0.120 fps, which does not meet platform guidelines. The frame rate must be one of the following in order to meet platform guidelines: [23.976, 24.0, 25.0, 29.97, 30.0, 48.0, 50.0, 59.94, 60.0] fps.

2.) There are 2 video tracks in the given video source file. The video mezz file must have one and only one video track. Please check for matching issues

3.) For the provided file, we detected that one or more of the SURROUND_LEFT, SURROUND_RIGHT, LFE channels in the surround mix are silent. This could be intentional. It will provide a degraded experience to the customers otherwise. The inferred channel loudness levels are (in dBMS): {FRONT_LEFT=-26.64879, FRONT_RIGHT=-28.591945, CENTER=-28.551663, LFE=-44.36657, SURROUND_LEFT=-43.866973, SURROUND_RIGHT=-82.888449}

4.) Video frame rate mode was detected to be variable frame rate (VFR), which is unsupported by our encoding workflow. Frame rate mode must be constant frame rate (CFR).

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