Aperture – Relocated Originals – Duplicates remain in managed Library?

To switch referenced files to a new larger external hard drive I used the "File➞Relocate Original…" thinking it would move the files to the new drive. All went well and it appears to have copied the original files from both the older small external as well as the managed images in Aperture. I now have one larger external drive with all the original files, with both the referenced files and the former managed files.

The problem is that the Aperture Library remains large at over 500BG same as it was before the "Relocate" task. Seems it copied all the files both the referenced and managed to the new drive but left copies in place where ever they came from. Any suggestions how I remove the former "managed" files from the Aperture library as they are duplicates but are not active and consuming large amount of disk space?

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