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New Music and TV Apps Mobile Sync Issues with iMovies

Hi All,

Since the changes to iTunes I no longer seem able to save my home movies created on iMovie to my Mac in a format that will allow it to be synced with my iPad using the new Music/TV apps. Oddly iMovie still gives me the option of syncing to iTunes even though it no longer exists on my Mac but then after appearing to save the file as usual it can't be found on my MacBook Pro.

I've tried using the save to file function on iMove but then when I import to TV they readily migrate to the TV library on my Mac but when I try to sync them to my mobile devices I receive an advisory that the format isn't compatible for syncing with either my iPad or my iPhone X. The files are saved in QT but the size using the save function is huge comparatively (around 600mb compared to a usual 20-30mb when I used to save them to iTunes).

I'm using MacOSCatalina Version 10.15 on my MacBook and my iPhone and iPads are all updated.

Grateful for any help.

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