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How do I remove all photos and videos from my iPhone 6 Plus without affecting photos on my other iPhones?

I have an iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) which I want to use strictly for recording audio/video/photos of an upcoming vacation. I set the iPhone up as a new device in iTunes, but after logging in with my Apple u/n and p/w (which I needed to do to download some specific apps from the App Store), the iPhone starts to automatically download all the photos and videos stored on iCloud. Some answers I have seen suggested going to SETTINGS | ICLOUD | MANAGE STORAGE | PHOTOS | DISABLE & DELETE, but this will remove all photos from iCloud, which I don’t want to do — I just want to remove all photos/videos from my iPhone 6 Plus that were downloaded onto it without affecting those on other devices or iCloud. I’m sure there’s a way to accomplish this, but I just haven’t figured it out, yet, or been able to find an answer.

Thanks for any and all help 🙂


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