iPod classic

iPod Classic and Catalina

Every time I plug in my classic, it automatically copies all my podcasts. I have unchecked automatic sync'ing multiple times but it makes no difference. Now it's a race to uncheck every time I plug in before it fills up my space. Also can find no way of deleting these multiple podcasts (I have seen some posts referring to using finder, but they don't seem to come up). I can't reset the iPod because I will lose everything (multiple tries and forums over the years have shown this to not be possible).

Fast coming to the conclusion that I need to uncouple my life from apple as this is becoming a pain every time there's an upgrade.

Can anyone help as I really enjoyed listening to podcasts on my walk to work and this Catalina up?grade (grrr) is going to really change my life (without being over dramatic… I realise some people have real problems).

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