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mac pro early 2009 graphics card upgrade


I have a mac pro early 2009 2x quad core 2.26 efi updated to 5.1 running high sierra and until recently used the original apple 5870 as graphics card and until then everything was doing well .

One day just restarted my mac itself and came up to a pure white screen , after force restart came up to vertical lines screen and then i stopped trying .

i found a used gt210 and everything works but now no 4K video editing and watching is usable ….

i want to ask the community for safe GPU solutions for my mac pro , i am doing lightroom photoshop for photography and FCP X , davinci resolve for 4k video editing …

i would like solutions with one card only to have boot screen and if it's possible to use parallel my gt120 as a boot screen and the other one for heavy use ….


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