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Manually transferring music from mac to iPhone post catalina Question marked as helpful ★ Latest reply  by  monochrome1 Latest update on the question 2 replies 41 views asked by  monochrome1 User profile for user: lsbisceglia lsbisceglia User level: Level 1 Ever since my last upgrade my music is not uploading to my cloud Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  lsbisceglia Latest update on the question 2 replies 34 views asked by  lsbisceglia User profile for user: wilco1212 wilco1212 User level: Level 1 lyrics not showing up in updated Music App

I started a thread elsewhere thinking the problem was with downloaded music but it seems to be wider.

When i switch duo Catalina i synced all my music to iPhone. I have 2000 albums and don't want to do that everyone so I manually manage music. That seemed to work fine for a couple of days. But today i had 2 new album s- 1 downloaded from Amazon Music and 1 a new CD. Got both on my mac ok but could not manually transfer to iPhone (manually manage checked) – dragging did not allow me "into" the iPhone. By accident ai dragged across and created a playlist which I could transfer to the phone (and then delete the playlist so leaving just the album). I'm sure that's not the intended way – nor is it how I was doing it the other day. Any suggestions? I'm not sure where the problem lies – device, system so not sure which one to tick below

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