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FCPX – "send to compressor" or create (prores444) master file to open in Compressor?


which workflow gives the best result? Either use "send to Compressor" in FCPX to send the project to Compressor and create the delivery file there (e.g. h.265) or export a master file (e.g. proRes 444) from FCPX which I then open in Compressor to create the delivery file?

I guess they are similar, but wouldn't the extra compression step form FCPX (optimized media) -> proRes 444 -> h.265 potentially give more artifacts compared to going directly to Compressor via "send to Compressor"? The latter seems to skip a compression stage…

I might confuse all of this though… Is the "optimized media" in my project actually proRes 444, and thus exporting this to a proRes 444 maste file would not result in any quality degradation (actually not a compression stage)? What do you guys do, and which codec do you use for your master file if you take that route?



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