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Mounting APSF disk utility volumes with script

With Catalina and APSF, I am trying to mount via AppleScript these "new" volumes which I will call PRO FULL and PRO FULL-Data. I got help way back when with the script that follows, and wonder how to edit it or use a completely different script to mount all of my Disk Utility Volumes (and a separate script to unmount all the volumes. Previously I used the same script and changed mount to unmount).

A total of 8 with the aforementioned drives in 2 volumes in Container Disk 4 all on a partitioned USB drive. I used the following, naming each individual drive, but now PRO FULL does not mount and PRO FULL-Data doesn't mount.

I realize a different directory has been created since PRO FULL has been "APSF'd" and that there is an additional disk utility drive PRO FULL-Data.

This same script would be repeated for each volume name, which used to be a total of 7 names but now 8 with the PRO FULL-Data

I hope this is clear.

As always


set partitionName to "PRO FULL" — replace "some name" by the partition name  

set theID to do shell script "/usr/sbin/diskutil list | /usr/bin/awk '/ " & partitionName & " / {print $NF}'"

if theID is not "" then do shell script "/usr/sbin/diskutil mount " & quoted form of theID & " > /dev/null 2>&1 &" — mount the partition  

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