MacBook Pro

Display/ Screen problem

Good day guys,

MacBook Pro (2019)

macOS Catalina v10.15

I notice that my screen, especially the open window turns red every time my screen saver turns on. Here is an actual picture of this problem:

Display/ Screen problem

As you can see, the active window, the address bar, the dock, and in general, the whole screen, turns red for a fraction of a second before the screen saver starts. Do any of you face this problem?

Other than that, I don't have any issues when using the Mac, except sometime where the screen has a blue tone shift which I guess is due to True Tone technology. Night shift works fine too.

Once I also noticed a different problem when rebooting in safe mode.

This time too it lasted just a fraction of a second. I didn't manage to take a picture, but it looked somewhat like this (see image below) in a small section of the screen and not the whole screen.

Display/ Screen problem

This image is downloaded from the internet for representational purpose.

Since I do not have any problem during usage of my Mac, do you think there is actually a problem with the display?


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