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Podcast App isn't Working Well with the iPod Classic

I'm finding myself extremely dissatisfied with the Catalina upgrade. I can live with the loss of iTunes if the system would play nice with my iPod classic. Instead, I have the following issues:

  1. Podcasts doesn't remember the position I stopped at. If I don't listen to the whole podcast, it stores it as new or unlistened to, causing me to lose my place.
  2. Podcasts just keep playing despite that I have the "Stop at the end" checked.
  3. This is personal, but I hate that I have to switch between screens to see so called my podcasts, and what's in the feed. It was much easier to show the feed, and download what I want.
  4. There are no more chapters in my audiobooks.
  5. I've had to deauthorize and subsequently reauthorize both my computer and audible accounts multiple times to get my books to sync. A typical scenario is: I get my books loaded, listen to one of them, sync my iPod, and am told I'm not authorized to listen to these books on my Mac, and have to deauthorize/reauthorize again, in addition to losing my place in the book.

SUPER frustrating.

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