Apple TV app

MacTV? AppleTV on OS?

What are we supposed to call this new iteration of iTunes for video that Apple so conveniently named the same thing as another product they have. Searching for Apple TV gets a tremendous number of unwanted hits for the hardware device. Who's running the product team at Apple to call two different products by the exact same name? Here's your sign.

Any clues?

Also, BTW, while trashcanning iTunes is LONG overdue, and the new apps seem to at least work a bit faster, I'm underwhelmed with the Apple TV app (or whatever we'll end up calling it to communicate clearly)…

1) Still WAY TOO SLOW to update tags on a video. Average 8 minutes per video (I'm on a iMac Pro, 18-core Intel Xeon W processor, 128 GB of Ram, Radeon Pro Vega 64 16-GB Video Card, and nothing else of consequence running).

2) Can't "hide" video purchases I don't want in my library. I mean, I can click "hide purchase", it's just that nothing actually happens.

3) Can't tell the app where to look for the Video Library File. Apple, in their infinite wisdom and increasingly annoying determination to be my techno-nanny, has determined that the Video Library MUST be stored in the Home | Movies folder (even though not a single movie is located there). At least the folks who created the Music app remained flexible on where the music library can be.

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