Hearing typed letters while typing on a Mac Book

My question is for low vision users that use all or most accessibility in low vision on a Mac. I want to know if I am missing something. I have only been blind for less than three years. All that I do know is self taught. Anyway I can see a little and so with some features of mac I do fine. The problem is I am not a very good typer. In fact I had to teach myself again when I got out of the hospital. I was wondering if there is a setting or something in Mac accessibility that will allowme to hear the letters I type with out having to use voice over? My goal is to use as much of my vision as possible. Not only is Voiceover harder to use, when I use the track pad to find something, it does not read what it is the same. I am basically on my own in learning all of this. This is important because I am also a new college student and so I do a lot of typing.

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