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Catalina, Apple Music won't play files from iPhone?

I can't play music from my iPhone through Apple Music on my MacBook Pro???

100% updated OS MacBook Pro 2013 and iPhone 5s as of 10/15/2019. I still use CDs and import my files into iTunes carefully by hand. I don't want a computer doing anything I'm not asking it to do, otherwise I'd be a windows guy. Following the update into Catalina, calendars are messing up; doubled with altered event details. Music album art is a complete disaster! Help??? I lost all my music on my phone with the first sync and had to recreate playlists and put them back onto the phone. I want to hear some of the new tracks from the iPhone to see if I really want them on the phone, but I seem to have lost playback functionality. I can see the files but nothing happens when I hit play. I can select, delete or add files but that seems to be it. Surely this is a bug?

Am I doing something wrong?

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