Transferring files from SATA HDD to Seagate External HDD

I've removed the 250.0GB SATA HDD from my old white 13" 2009 MacBook after the USB and Firewire ports stopped working. I bought an adaptor to plug the SATA HDD into my 15" MacBook Pro and have been copying some files to the MacBook Pro by drag and drop.

But now I would like to transfer all the files and folders from that SATA HDD to a 1T Western Digital external HDD. Then I want to put the SATA HDD into another 2009 white MacBook that has an SSD but only 120GB Storage. I would then delete all the files and folders from the SATA HDD leaving the System files in place. I would appreciate advice as to the best way to transfer all the files from the SATA HDD to the WD external HDD.

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