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Problems syncing iPod Nano 8th Gen using Mac OS Catalina

I am experiencing three problems syncing my iPod nano 8th generation with new Mac OS, Catalina:

1.     Every two or three days, the sync settings for both music and podcasts change to the default settings.  For example, 

a.     For music settings, I select Selected artists, albums, genres, and playlists with about 18 playlists selected.  However, every other day or say, the settings change to sync entire music library.  

b.    For podcasts settings, I select sync podcasts and automatically copy all unplayed episodes of all podcasts.  However, every other day the settings change to automatically copy all podcast episodes of all podcasts.

2.    When I play the podcasts on my iPod then stop in the middle of a podcast and leave it for a minute or two, when I return to the podcast, it doesn’t remember the location and starts playing the podcast again from the beginning.  

3.    I used to download audio reports from NPR (MP3 files), drag them into iTunes, and use the Get Info button to change the media type from Music to Podcast so the audio clip would appear in the podcast part of the iPod.  With Catalina, I don’t see how I can replicate that function.  

Any tips will be appreciated.  


Washignton, DC

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