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iMessage Won't Sync


I recently updated my 6s and it did not go well.

While I had my photos backed up elsewhere, my voicemails from the last two years are gone. This is particularly painful as the ones I saved were from my late husband.

My struggle now is that iMessage will not sync.

iMessage access on my Macbook is fine. I get new messages on my phone. But all the texts between the 2017 backup and the restore are gone. I can get it to say that it is downloading messages from iCloud, but it never does.

I have tried all the usual remedies–turning messages and facetime off and on, signing in and out of iCloud, rebooting all my devices, backing up the 6s to the cloud, and nothing works.

I am looking for any ideas or suggestions as to how to get the iMessage on my 6s to sync properly. This is especially important because I want to be able to reread messages from my late husband.

Two things that may or may not affect my ability to sync the messages:

I have an ancient (1st gen) iPad, and a iphone 4 with no sim card. They're both on my apple id (though the iPad hasn't been turned on in at least 6 months). The 4 has iMessages off because I know it can't access them.

Does anyone know what to do?

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