How to get file from QT 10.5 to work?

I record a podcast with a friend, and we've always recorded through audio recording on QT. This is the first time that I have updated my computer and recorded a new podcast.


  • When I went to save it, it spun and spun for about 10 minutes, so then I killed QT and it didn't save it.
  • I went through and found the autosave file for it and put it on my desktop.
  • Now when I try to open it through my desktop it tells me that "The file isn’t compatible with QuickTime Player."
  • It is greyed out in iMovie so I cannot click on it.
  • I've tried moving it to my google drive and then changing it to an mp4 from there but that doesn't work since it's about an hour or so and it gives me an error (according to various searches it sounds like the file is too damaged).

Is there anything I can do or did I waste an hour recording and an hour searching?

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