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After Upgrade to Catalina – Photos: The library could not be opened. Photos was unable to open the library “Photos Library”. (3146)

Hi all,

After I upgraded to Catalina I get the following error when I open Photos

"Photos was unable to open the library “Photos Library”. (3146)"

When I open photos holding "option" and "command" and select the option to repair the library I get the same error.

I have full permission to the library file "Photos Library.photoslibrary".

In the console I can see the following

"Failed to open/create library at: '/Users/mynamehere/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary' error: Error Domain=PHPhotosErrorDomain Code=3146 "Migration failed" UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=Migration failed, NSLocalizedDescription=PHPhotosErrorShutdownRequested, NSUnderlyingError=0x600000c18b10 {Error Code=41021 "Migration failed" UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=Migration failed}}}"

and also

"Failed to open photo library <private>, Error Code=41021 UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=<private>}"

Any ideas, thoughts gratefully received


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