Apple Music on Windows

Itunes and iphone music app terrible sorting

I have thousands of Mp3s on my phone that I've mostly imported over the years. They're Mp3s as stated, all the info is there album and artwork and everything. When I drag them into itunes same thing every time. Unknown Album. How do I fix this other than going through hundreds of songs and manually changing this? It's driving me crazy, all the info is there in the file and yet for years itunes Etc can't handle the basic functions of showing half the albums sorted. Next album has all the info, and shows correctly. What gives with this? I'm trying to use a tag editor and noticing as said before, no need to edit the tag because all the information is already there. Anything windows and Android of course… shows all the info sorted that is actually there. Same tracks in Itunes…. "UNKNOWN" plus no album artwork.

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