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Why can't I transfer music from my Mac straight to my Apple Watch?

I bought the new Apple Watch, it is such a pain to use and the only way to transfer music to it is to first transfer music to my iPhone and then to my watch.

Sure if I had Apple Music it would be a little easier, however after having tried Apple Music and realising how ridiculously painful it is (duplicate albums, missing songs from albums, missing albums, slow and buggy, worse recommendations), I decided to use Spotify.

As much of an Apple fanboy as I am, I find the Apple Watch extremely frustrating to use from its clunky UI to the wheel control suddenly boosting my volume to ridiculous levels accidentally when wearing a long sleeved garment.

I expected so much more from Apple and I'm seriously disappointed in how difficult the Watch is to use, especially with transferring music.

It seems Apple isn't allowing developers (Spotify) to download music locally to the 32GB device, which is absolutely ridiculous.

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