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iTunes automatically starts when iphone is in lock mode and there are wired earbuds attached to phone.

Pervasive irritant all over the interwebs since iOS 9 came out a few years back. No solutions posted that I have found. Spent 3 hours on hold and getting elevated to higher and higher customer service. They're aware it's a problem, but have no solution. Rebooting and all that BS is a waste of time. Last theory from the higher-ups was blaming the "proactive assistant" feature intro'd with iOS-9 circa 2015. Assistant thinks since I have my earbuds in that it should help me by starting my music for me. Customer service theory was that there were methods to turn off the proactive assistant (now Siri Suggestions as best I can tell), but that those methods had been eliminated with iOS 13 which I am running. Customer Service told me I'm S.O.L., and that I should post about my dissatisfaction because Apple "really cares about those posts." Guess what? (A) Preferences —> Siri & Search —> Siri Suggestions —> 1) then turned off all those suggestions toggles & 2) scroll down to "Music" app and turn off all toggles. (B) Next, remove Siri App Suggestions widget from lock screen as follows: go to home screen, swipe to the right, scroll to bottom and select "edit" button, and press the negative sign to left of Siri Apps Suggestions widget, then press "done" at top right of screen. Not counting my chickens just yet, but it's been > 2 hours on lock screen with earbuds plugged in and so far… dare I say… no music automatically starting.

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