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Oldie but a goodie: Why does apple, still, not send an outgoing default font the way every single other email application does?

Why does apple not send an outgoing default font the way every single other email application does? Change your default message font in Apple's Notice all your "sent messages" fonts have changed.  How would it be possible to change the font on a message that is already sent? The simple answer is the default font only changes the way the font looks to you not the way the message will actually look to the recipients.  If you look at the HTML code it is clear no font information is sent, unless you change it for each email. (Size and font type.)  Apple doesn't want you to show any personality in your email. This is the answer I have been given by many Apple enthusiasts.

In the signature setup, there is a check box that says always match default font.  What this actually does is remove all font information from the signature.  It doesn't match anything.  Send mail to yourself with this checked and then unchecked. Include the signature on both emails. Then after, change your default font and look at the two messages in your sent folder. When you change the default font the email that did not have the box checked will show the same font regardless of what the current default font is. 

I still call this a bug since they've added a Check box that does not do what it says. It should say: "ignore font settings in signature."

This bug has been around since the very, very beginning of Apple's Mac OS X's Mail Program, at least since "Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah" in 2001.  

Here are the two basic work arounds:

  1. Easiest work around: use any other mail program. I use There are many different email client apps out there. 
  2. Sticking with Apple's ""? Add a signature, DO NOT CHECK OFF "ALWAYS MATCH MY DEFAULT MESSAGE FONT"! Add to the signature a line of dashes or underline characters at the top of the signature, put several empty lines then put your signature, like this:




John Smith

123 Jonesboro ST

Jonesboro, KY 99999-9999


When composing, put your message in between the beginning and end of your signature. Then your font will survive Apples crappy "".  It is only crappy because for 20 years they haven't added the ability to have a default font for outgoing messages.

EDIT: (What I say here is as current as the initial release of "macOS Catalina 10.15", October, 2019.) 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to respond.  I know at least one major Apple supporter, a regular at the "WWDC", that is annoyed by my ever-present "Chalkboard 14 font".  I do not know if he feels he needs to "'toe' the party Line"(I thought it was "tow" also, look it up.), he really thinks all email personalization should be banned or maybe, he might be just making fun of me…

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