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iMac Pro with Catalina – Reboots after sleeping

Hello – I wanted to report in on my iMac which is still going through the reboot issue with Catalina. I've done the following for a temporary fix:

Situation: When I leave my iMac alone and it goes to sleep, sometime after sleeping the system reboots. When I wake my computer I receive a notification that the computer has rebooted and I input my username and password to complete the reboot cycle.

I was a Catalina public beta user. This situation happened when I was in beta as well. Since the public beta and since the release of Catalina I have reset the SMC twice and also performed 2 clean installs of the public Catalina release. Problem still persists.

Temporary Fix:

In my "pictures" folder in my home directory, I moved my "Photos Library" to the trash (did not empty trash). By simply doing this, my problem goes away. But, of course, I cannot use my apple photos while my system is setup this way.

Has anyone had this type of experience?

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