Catalina – External Hard Drives repeatedly ejected without cause.

Following the upgrade of my iMac to Catalina 10.15, some of my External Hard Discs are ejecting spontaneously. Those that are being ejected are connected through Thunderbolt 2 ports. Those connected through USB 3.0 ports are performing well. All drives are G-Tech 8TB versions

I have run 'First Aid' on the two affected discs – no problems are detected. In 'Energy Saver' 'Put hard disks to sleep when possible' is unticked. All disks worked perfectly under OS 10.14.

This is the return of an old problem that I thought had been resolved by Apple years ago. A quick web check reveals that it is alive and kicking.

I would appreciate any solutions that others have found to this problem. I would like to avoid spending another $1,000 or so to fix this by having to buy new hard drives. it seems to be software related to me.

Thank you


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