Mac OS X v10.7 Lion

LION Mac OS X 10.7

Trying to recycle my old MacBookPro 15inch 2008 through your program. I received the box and instructions to Backup, transfer, unlock, and erase the hard drive.

At this time, I am at the Disc Utility to Reinstall MacOS and I am getting a message that MAX OS X is not available through App Store and to try again later. How can I reinstall if Mac OS X 10.7 is not available. It is the last step prior to sending in the laptop in for recycling. Please advise. This has been quite a frustrating process and trying to do something good for the environment. I have access to nothing else on the lap top, so to purchase and download is not possible.

I have several older apple products that I need to also prepare, but so far this has been a very


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This item is temporarily unavilable


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