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6th gen iPod Touch looses music playlist memory queue

After updating to ios 12.4.2, I am now having ongoing issues with my music app is having intermittent difficulty recalling where the last song was played in all of my playlists while using the "Control Center". In addition, when the music app can't recall the last music played in a playlist and I double click the start button, the music app and music queue appears correctly in a reduced screen size but when I try to click on the reduced size music app, the app always crashes. To date I've done the following without solving the issue: several hard re-starts; Re-installing ios 12.4.2 from scratch using iTunes on my Windows 10 PC (using the Crtrl key to update); and Deleting the Music App and all the music on the iPod and re-installing the Music App and all of my music. Prior to updating to ios 12.4.2, I this hasn't been issue for the last 2 years of so. PLEASE. I NEED HELP to resolve this issue! Thanks in advance.

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